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We invite you to join us in worship, in prayer, and in friendship.

Join us at our daily Mass and at our weekend Liturgy. Worship the Lord with us and be enriched by thoughtful homilies, beautiful music, and a welcoming community of faith.

We look forward to meeting you!

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A Music Note: On Palm Sunday the oratorio “The Holy City” will be presented by our talented cantors after Holy Communion. This 16 page piece was so well received last year that we are reprising it again this year. Come, be inspired to participate in our Holy Week liturgies.

What's New at Saint John Chrysostom
Saint John Chrysostom Parish is blessed as we continue our faith journey under our administrator for Saint John Chrysostom Parish, Father John Connolly.
Update on Sister Maureen: Sister Maureen still continues to improve from the stroke she suffered on December 30th, 2014. The medical team treating her remains hopeful that she will make a full and complete recovery. Sister received outstanding care at Faulkner Hospital for about a week and a half, then at the Spaulding Rehab. She is now continuing her physical therapy at the German Centre for Extended Care. Sister Maureen is very grateful for the prayers, calls, and messages that so many of you have sent her way. As she continues with her rehabilitation program Sister has requested that she be given the time and space necessary to devote her full attention and efforts to the demands of that program. Please refrain from visiting Sister for now. If you would like to be in touch with Sister, please feel free to drop her a note or a card addressed to:

Sister Maureen Taaffe, SCN
German Centre for Extended Care
2222 Centre Street
West Roxbury, MA 02132-4097

Sister Maureen would like you to know how much she appreciates the cards and letters of encouragement she has received. Thanks again for your prayers for and support of Sister Maureen who has so generously and lovingly ministered to our parish family for a quarter century. You will not be surprised to learn that she continues to orchestrate the operations of our parish life in between physical therapy sessions.

The 2015 Synod of Bishops on the Family: The 2015 Synod of Bishops on the Family will take place in October of this year. His Holiness, Pope Francis, has asked Bishops throughout the world to seek broad consultation from the People of God as final preparations for the Synod are made. Accordingly, Cardinal Sean is asking that Pastors and Administrators throughout the Archdiocese of Boston seek reaction and comment from the faithful. Please refer to the following documents for more details and information as to how you can participate. Please provide your responses by March 1.
Letter from Father Connolly, Parish Administrator (insert in the 2/22 Parish Bulletin)
the Preparatory Document (Lineamenta) for the 2015 Synod of Bishops on the Family
Lineamenta Questions for Discussion
for further information refer to the 2015 Synod of Bishops on the Family web page on the Boston Archdiocese web site.
The Light is on for You: Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation every Wednesday evening during Lent, from this week to the Wednesday of Holy Week, April 1st, 2015, every parish within the Archdiocese of Boston will be open from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for penitents to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Please take advantage of this opportunity to make a good Lenten confession. Please also reach out to Catholics you know who have been away from the regular practice of our faith and invite them to seize this chance to begin again. The Archdiocese’s website for this initiative, www.TheLightIsOnForYou.org, has great materials to help everyone prepare to make a good confession.
The Lenten Penance Service will be held on Tuesday evening, March 31 st, 2015, at 7:00 PM at Saint Theresa’s Parish, in the Main Church. This service offers the parishioners of Holy Name Parish, Saint John’s Parish, Sacred Heart Parish and Saint Theresa’s Parish another opportunity to receive the healing graces of the Sacrament during Lent. All are welcome!
My Brother’s Keeper Blanket Drive: Give a hug, provide a blanket by supporting the Blanket Drive. To make a contribution, donor cards and mailing envelopes are available at the exits to the Church. Thank you.
Religious Education Program (CCD) 2014-2015:
Upcoming Classes
Sunday, March 29st, 2015
9:30 AMCCD Grades 1 & 2
10:30 AMCCD Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6
6:30 PMCCD Grades 7,8,9 & Confirmation Class
Sunday, April 5th, 2015
No Class - Happy Easter
Sunday, April 12th, 2015
9:30 AMCCD Grades 1 & 2
10:30 AMCCD Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6
6:30 PMCCD Grades 7,8,9 & Confirmation Class
more Religions Ed...
Saint Vincent de Paul Society: This week is Palm Sunday and the beginning of the holiest of Christian weeks. Let us pray for the grace to take up our own cross and to follow Jesus through death to new life. Please support the Society of St. Vincent de Paul so that together we can help the needy as they carry their cross of suffering and pain.
Pray for our Sick Each day we pray for those sick or infirmed in the Parish. If you would like us to pray specifically for someone in need, please write the name of the person in the Parish Book of Intercession in the vestibule of the church or call Saint John's Office at 617-323-4410 ext. 10.
Parish Council meeting on Monday, 27 March 2014 at 7:30 PM.
Project Cookie Dough Many thanks to our 22 bakers who made 1,205 homemade cookies this past month. They were most appreciated! Two new bakers joined our efforts. Our February cookies will be due on Sunday, March 15, 2015, by 3:00 p.m. New bakers are always welcome! If you need more information, please contact Donna O'Connor at 617-524-4396. Thank you to all of you who keep this service project going each year! We are so grateful.
Parish Health and Prayer Shawl Ministry: will be having the next Blood Pressure Screening on Saturday, March 7th, 2015, before and after the 4:00 PM Mass and on Sunday March 8th, 2015, after the 7:30 AM Mass in the Parish Center in Room 5-6.

The next Parish Health & Prayer Shawl Ministry Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 1st, 2015, at 7:00 PM.

Saint John's Prayer Group Our last Prayer Meeting for 2014 was held in December . Saint John’s Prayer Group will not be meeting during the winter months; we will resume our Prayer Meetings in April, 2015. more...
Pray for our Sick Each day we pray for those sick or infirmed in the Parish. If you would like us to pray specifically for someone in need, please write the name of the person in the Parish Book of Intercession in the vestibule of the church or call Saint John's Office at 617-323-4410 ext. 10.
Catholic Schools Open House and Registration
Saint Joseph's Elementary School in Needham Now accepting applications! Saint Joseph’s Elementary School in Needham, a top 10 school in the Boston Archdiocese, attracts students from more than 20 neighboring communities. Noted for its academic excellence, the school provides instruction to students from pre-K to grade 5, including full day pre-K and kindergarten. Call today for a tour! Saint Joseph Elementary School, 90 Pickering St. Needham, MA 02492 781-444-4459 www.saintjoes.com
Mount Alvernia Academy is an independent, co-educational, Catholic school for Nursery through Grade 6. We are hosting an open house for prospective parents Wednesday, January 28, 2015 from 9-11am. Please contact Mary Walsh, Director of External Relations at 617-527-7540 or visit the web site, www.mountalverniaacademy.com for more information.
Saint John the Evangelist School Academic excellence in the Catholic Tradition, preschol through Eighth Grade. We invite you to learn more about all that Saint John School has to offer your family. Atttend our open house on Sunday, January 25, 2015, at Fr William H. Morgam Parish Center from 11:00 am to 1:00 PM. Please register in advance by calling 781-828-2130 or email sean.richardson@sjscanton.orgM/a>. Visit the web site, www.sjscanton.org
Monsignor James J. Haddad Middle School Information night on Thursday, January 22, 2015, at 7:00 pm at 110 May Street, Needham, MA. MHMS is co-ed and serves 210 students in grades 6-8. For more information, please call the school at 781-449-0133x211 or visit the web site www.saintjoes.com/middleschool.cfm.
Our Music ministry would like to introduce music from our hymnal that is not often sung or sung infrequently. As you look through the book, you may see a hymn or song from your childhood summer camp, or other church experiences, that you'd like to hear or sing again. The music ministry would be happy to introduce new hymns or more frequently sing music that will uplift souls and minister to the whole flock. Just drop off any hymns or a list of hymns that you'd enjoy, in an envelope with Alan Long's name at the office. Thank you for your support of the music ministry. Let us move forward in the peace and joy of God's Great Love.
Let us pray for and celebrate the life of Father William S. Dunn, physician of souls, as his pilgrimage brings him to eternal life. May he rest in peace. Father Dunn passed away on Monday, 20 May 2013 after a brief illness. Burial was at Saint Joseph's Cemetery, West Roxbury.

One year has passed since Father Dunn passed away unexpectedly. His illness came upon him suddenly after returning from a trip to the Holy Land with Cardinal O'Malley and a large number of priests. An overflow crowd filled the church with Cardinal O'Malley presiding on May 23, 2013, and he was laid to rest where many of our parishioners have been interred at Saint Joseph Cemetery.

He had an interesting background. One of 7 children, he grew up in South Dakota and travelled extensively throughout the United States. A medical doctor, he did training in Worcester, MA, taught in St. Louis and Washington, DC and found time for a Masters degree in public health at George Washington University. In his youth, he thought of becoming a priest. The call came back in his late fifties. He entered Pope John XXIII National Seminary for Delayed Vocations in 2002. Four years later, there was Dr. Dunn becoming Father Dunn at the hands of Cardinal O'Malley.

His first assignment as parochial vicar was to Saint Mary Parish in Chelmsford. On December 13, 2010, he was appointed the fourth pastor of our parish. Many of us remember his first weekend at Saint John's when he introduced himself, telling us his life story with a sense of humor. His pastorate was a mere two years and four months and he was taken from us much too soon. Tall, friendly, quiet and personable, he was a priestly gentleman. May he rest in peace!

Obituary in the Boston Pilot


Kindly keep Father Dunn in your prayers. Thank you.
Pastoral Collaboration Plan Read latest about the Archdiocese of Boston announcing the first parishes to be grouped under the first phase of the new pastoral plan in the Pilot
Pastoral Planning Read this article from the Boston Pilot discussing Caridnal Sean's approval of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Planning Commission proposal. The proposal calls for the archdiocese to organize its 288 parishes into approximately 135 groups called "parish collaboratives." Led by one pastor, a group of priests, deacons and lay ecclesial ministers, called a "pastoral team." Be informed.

Saint John's Parish Library As we enter the Season of Lent, please take advantage of the wonderful parish resource of our Library. Our Librarian has prepared a wonderful display of works that are especially suitable for reading during the Lenten days of grace and repentance. Please stop by and browse through our Lenten display as well as the rest of the collection, and pick out a literary companion for your own Lenten journey

The Tuesday Night Prayer Group has dedicated their parish library to Father Dunn. Many books have been donated to deepen the spiritual life of our parishioners. Several ladies have been overseeing this project, both financially and faithfully checking the spiritual content of the books. They are grateful for the many religious texts they have received, which have been already used by many of our parishioners

If you are in need of inspirational reading come visit our parish library. We have several excellent books for you to read. The Library, a gift from our Prayer Group is located in the upper room, and contains books on interesting variety of subjects including Church History, Theology, Bible and related books, Lives of the Saints, Maryology, Spirituality, Prayer Parish Ministries, and some Catholic fiction.

Take a look and take out a book.

Volunteering at Saint John's Saint John’s is blessed with all those who volunteer their time to enrich our parish community. It reflects the generosity, the social commitment and the basic Christianity of our parish family.

At present the Liturgical Committee is calling parishioners to serve in the following ministries, Eucharistic Ministers are called not only to minister the Body and Blood of Christ, but to have and maintain a strong faith, a sense of awe, and an inclusiveness of others as the foundation for their ministry. The ministers accomplish this by strengthening their faith from within and sharing it with the faithful at communion time.

There are additional duties available at Saint John’s that you can participate in that will allow you to assist the parish and help you serve your faith. We need people willing to serve as Lectors or Adult Altar Servers.

If you do not wish to be out in front, you may wish to care for the altar or arrange for the flowers. Whatever your expertise, your assistance would be greatly accepted. No job or amount of time is too little.

Anyone interested in assisting please contact Sr. Maureen at 617-323-4410 ext. 16

Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors: Saint John's would like to thank our Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Altar Servers, Ushers, Collectors and Greeters for all of their help in assisting us at Masses and especially Funerals. The community appreciates and values their time and talent here at Saint John's. If anyone feels so inclined to be involved kindly call Sr. Maureen at (617)-323-4410 ext. 16.

Please notify the Parish Office, if you are planning a vacation within the next two months so we may make our scheduling arrangements. If interested in Lecturing, Ushering or Greeting, kindly call Sr. Maureen at 617-323-4410. Thank you.

We would like to Thank our Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Altar Servers, Ushers, Collectors and Greeters for all of their help in assisting us at Masses and especially Funerals. We appreciate and value their time and talent here at Saint John's. New Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers are welcome. As disciples in Christ perhaps you may also want to share your gifts with us.

"Being able to serve as a Lector has given me a deeper understanding of Scripture and the ways it can touch our hearts by having it read to us. Saint John's Parish has always been a gift in my life. Spending time here and helping out has made that gift even more special."

"It is very nice being a Eucharistic Minister. I always get the feeling of belonging to my church community and get such satisfaction from helping out. By serving in this ministry, I also feel that I am being a role model for my children. The benefits of serving truly outweigh the limited commitment and are truly worth the time."

If anyone would like to change Ministries kindly let us know. Please contact Sister Maureen at 617-323-4410, Ext. 16.

Are you interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister? They are called not only to minister the body and Blood of Christ, but to have and maintain a strong faith, a sense of awe, and an inclusiveness of others as the foundation for their ministry. The ministers accomplish this by strengthen-ing their faith from within and sharing it with the faithful at communion time. Anyone interested in this ministry, please contact Sr. Maureen at 617-323-4410.
Saint John's Altar Servers The Mass is the greatest act of prayer and worship that we can make to God. The Mass is a celebration of God’s love for us as an Altar Server it is a privilege to assist the priest with the Liturgy. We invite our adult parishioners and our young boys and girls to be part of this special ministry. Will you respond to God's call? If you are willing, please call Sr. Maureen at 617-323-4410 ext. 16.

We thank our Altar Servers who have been serving throughout the year.

Parents, kindly have your child at Saint John's ten minutes before Mass if he or she is serving. Thank you.

Easter MusicThe final scheduled choir rehearsal for the Holy Week and Easter will be on Thursday, March 26th, 2015. Rehearsals will begin at 6:30 and end by 8:00 each Thursday of March.
Clergy Benefit Trust directly supports the health, welfare, and retirement needs of our six hundered forty-five diocesan priests. These men have been there when we needed them. Now, it is our turn to fulfill the promises we make as Catholics to care for them when they need us. Clergy Benefit Trust supports the hundreds of priests across our Archdiocese who faithfully serve the Catholic faithful each day of their lives. All are welcome to make a donation online at CareforSeniorPriests.org On behalf of all our priests who will benefit from your generosity this Easter, thank you for your support. The following are senior Priests who have served faithfully at Saint John Chrysostom Parish. Please remember these faithful priests in your prayers and when contributing: Reverend Joseph K. Fagan, Reverend Leo X. Lynch, Reverend Paul A. Phinn, Reverend Paul W. Berube, Reverend William T. Pearsall, Reverend Garrett J. Barry, Reverend Paul V. MacDonald and Reverend Charles B. Flaherty.
Easter Flower Envelopes: For those who wish to memorialize a deceased loved one with Easter Flowers, envelopes are located at the entrances of the church. Please return envelopes in the offertory basket or to the Parish Office by Holy Thursday at noon. Names of those being remembered will be included on a bulletin insert and will be placed in the Sanctuary of the Church during the Easter Season.
Communion Calls The parish staff will bring Holy Communion to shut-ins on a monthly basis. Please call the Parish Office 617-323-4410, if you know of a shut-in who would like to be included.
Marriage Program/Pre-Cana The catechism of the Church explains: 1632 “So that the ‘I do’ of the spouses may be a free and responsible act and so that the marriage covenant may have solid and lasting human and Christian foundations, preparation for marriage is of prime importance.” It is imperative that anyone who is preparing to receive the sacrament of Matrimony attend a workshop beforehand. For more information or to register, contact Sister Maureen ext. 16 or parish secretary 617-323-4410 ext. 10. You might also want to check the Archdiocesan website at v. more...
R.I.C.A.The RCIA (Rite of Christian initiation of Adults) is a process which adults are fully initiated into the Catholic faith community. It includes four periods of information: Pre-catechumenate, Catechumenate, Enlightment, and Mystagogia. It is for men and women who are not baptized, baptized in another Christian Church and interested in ours, or baptized in the Roman Catholic Church but who have not received Sacraments of First Eucharist and/or Confirmation and have not been active in their faith since childhood. Each person's journey of faith is different. There is no set timetable for reception of the Sacraments. If anyone is interested in this sacramental process, the season at Saint John's begins in mid-November. Please contact the Parish Secretary 617-323-4410.
Saint John's Baptism Preparation Program The Baptism Program is a time for parents to reflect on the love of God and the new life of your child. We welcome your child into the Christian Community through Baptism. It is a wonderful time to renew your faith-life as parents, and prepare for the Baptism of your child. Together we explore the meaning of Baptism not just for the day of the ceremony, but for the continuing faith-life of your child. The class is held each month. Our next Baptism Class will be July 12, 2014, at 10:00 AM. Before the Baptism of your child please call Saint John’s parish Office 617-323-4410 ext. 10 or drop by for details and times. more...
Celiac Disease For those with celiac disease, we do have low-gluten altar bread and are able to consecrate these hosts at Mass for Holy Communion. If you wish to receive Holy Communion, please contact the parish office.
Military If you know of someone on active duty or about to be deployed and would like their name displayed in the vestibule of the church, please contact the parish secretary with the name and service. We will remember them in our prayers.
Students and Adults Called to Serve The Mass is the greatest act of prayer and worship that we can make to God. The Mass is a celebration of God's love for us as an Altar Server it is a privilege to assist the priest with the Liturgy. We invite our adult parishioners and our young boys and girls to be part of this special ministry. Will you respond to God's call? If you are willing, please call Sr. Maureen at 617-323-4410 ext. 16.
Ministry to the Ill and Shut-ins Saint John's Eucharistic Minister's visit the hospitals as often as possible. When someone is admitted to a hospital be certain to indicate that he/she is a member of Saint John Chrysostom Parish. If you or your loved one or a neighbor would like to receive the Eucharist at home, kindly call the Parish Center Office (617)-323-4410 and one of our Eucharistic Minister's will visit you each month. more...
Stewardship. All things are from God and all things should be shared with those in need. As the people of God, we are called to "Go in peace, to love and to serve the Lord." Stewardship is our way as Catholic Christians of doing that every day in every possible way that we can.

There may be new signs of life speaking to us. We have only to see them to experience the glory of the risen Lord penetrating the shadows of our lives. Would you ever consider being in ministry here at Saint John's as a Lector, Minister, Usher, Greeter or any other ministry. Just as Jesus taught His disciples, we as disciples of God, can offer what we have. We encourage you to participate in any of the above areas that you may feel you can share with us.

If you would like to join any of our ministries kindly call Sister Maureen 617-323-4410. Thank you. more...

Project Loaves and Fishes You can make an on-going difference in a hungry person’s life. Simply bring a canned good or non-perishable food item to church with you every week. Place the item in the large baskets marked. Like Christ feeding hundreds with five loaves of bread and a few fish, you can make a difference in your own small way. The collected food will go to a food pantry where it will be distributed to those in need. They are in particular need of powdered milk, peanut butter, canned milk, tuna, macaroni and cheese and tomato sauce
Pregnancy Help Is a crisis pregnancy center sponsored by the Archdiocese of Boston. Trained and caring counselors are available to assist any women experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. Pregnancy Help provides free pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound, counseling, referrals, ongoing support and material assistance to support women in finding alternatives to abortion. All services are free and confidential. Services are available for English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking clients. For assistance call toll-free: 1-888-771-3914.

Our Parish Mission Statement

We are God's people – women, men and children – created in His image and raised to a new dignity through Baptism to be a priestly people and stewards of His creation.

Conscious of this dignity, we choose to gather together at Saint John's to worship our Father, through Jesus in the Spirit especially in the liturgy and to create a family bond among us.

Therefore, we freely commit our time, talent and treasure to enhance the spiritual and human growth of the members of this family and the wider community.

Welcome to new parishioners!

If you are new in the parish, please visit our office in the parish center or call the parish office (617) 323-4410 EXT. 10 to register with us so we have your name and address. Anyone in our parish who will be moving is also asked to advise us of their new address. Thank you.

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Precepts of the Catholic Church

Each of these precepts of the Church is a requirement. Together with the Ten Commandments, they represent the minimum level of moral living for a Catholic.

  1. You shall attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days of obligation and rest from servile labor.
  2. You shall confess your sins at least once a year.
  3. You shall receive the sacrament of the Eucharist at least during the Easter season.
  4. You shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by the Church.
  5. You shall help to provide for the needs of the Church, each according to his or her ability

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