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What's New at Saint John Chrysostom
Sr. Maureen Taaffe It seems that everyone who knew Sister Maureen can tell you a story of how she has made a difference in their lives. Sister Maureen passed away six years ago. She was the Pastoral Associate here at Saint John's for twenty-five years, quietly steering the ship. She died on August 22, 2016. Sister Maureen was a native of Hyde Park although she belonged to an order from Kentucky, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Take a moment and do a good deed to honor all the good deeds Sister Maureen did throughout her life, many of those impacting the people right here at Saint John's.
Cardinal Seán's Statement on Dobbs v Jackson: Follow this link to read the full text of Cardinal Seán's statement on the supreme court's ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson. Cardinal Seán O'Malley Statement Regarding Supreme Court Ruling Dobbs
Welcoming Our New Neighbors (WONN)

Update June 20, 2022

This past weekend, with the enthusiastic leadership of Kathy Anastasia and Patty Courteau, WONN hosted a cook-out at St. John Chrysostom Parish for our Afghan neighbors as well as Afghans living nearby sponsored by St. Julia's Parish in Weston. Despite the cool temperatures it was a wonderful gathering with an opportunity for many people to meet and celebrate our new friends from Afghanistan.

Over the past month three of the men from the original group of five have moved to join relatives and close friends from Afghanistan to continue to follow their unique path of building a future in America. At the cook-out on Saturday we had a chance to speak by FaceTime with one friend who moved to Chicago and another who has settled in San Antonio. Both were happy to tell us that they were settled and working full-time jobs. Another friend moved to Houston last week and we were able to safely see him off at Logan Airport.

It was a wonderful send-off for him when Susan Powers, representing the Proper Bostonian Quilters, arrived in the Church parking lot to deliver beautiful hand-made quilts for all of the men. We will be shipping quilts to San Antonio and Chicago, but our friend heading to Houston was determined to make room in his duffle bag for his new quilt. It was especially touching to be invited into the phone conversation he had with his mother in Afghanistan as he was preparing to leave for the airport. On all of our behalf I told her what a wonderful son she had and how privileged we were to know him and to greet herĀ in Afghanistan!

Let us continue to pray for peace and for all refugees seeking homes, employment and family reunification.

Barbara Thorp

As our Grand Annual Collection Concludes

February, 2022

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint John Parish,

I write to thank you for the generous and sacrificial response of so many of you to this year's Grand Annual Collection. The three month period of time we allotted during this challenging year allowed many of you to spread your gifts out in a perhaps more planful and hopefully less burdensome manner.

Beginning at the end of the month of November, 2021, this year's Grand Annual Collection, which concludes on the last day of this month of February 28, 2022 has so far raised more than $18,000 and has exceeded our budgeted goal. It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that I thank those of you who have already contributed to our Grand Annual Collection in such a tremendous manner. I recognize the many challenges we all have faced over these years of pandemic and for those of you who have already contributed to have responded so selflessly and charitably demonstrates your deep and abiding commitment to the Parish Family of Saint John Chrysostom. As your Pastor, it is both heartening and humbling to receive such a wonderful outpouring of financial support.

For those of you who have yet to make a contribution to this year's Grand Annual Collection, I beg your indulgence of this final request for your generosity. As you are all well aware the decline in Mass attendance due to pandemic mitigation has impacted the financial bottom line of our parish over the last couple of years. So many of you, even if your ability to attend Mass in person was negatively impacted, remained faithful to weekly offertory donations by mail, online or by drop-off. As our Grand Annual Collection giving period hastens to its conclusion at the end of this month, I respectfully request that you prayerfully consider whether or not you might be able to join your brother and sister parishioners who have already made such a gift. If you find yourself in a position to be able to make a contribution, thank you so very much. If your financial circumstances preclude your making a contribution at this time, thank you for both your consideration and your on-going support of our Parish through your prayers and your continuing gifts of your time and talents, above and beyond your treasure.

As we look forward to soon entering into the Holy Season of Lent in prayerful and penitential preparation for our shared celebration of Our Lord's Easter Resurrection, please be sure of both my gratitude and the assurance of my prayers for you and yours.

Asking God to shower you and all whom you hold dear with the special blessings of this year's approaching Lenten Season of Grace, I am

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Reverend John J. Connolly, Jr.


RIP Rev. Paul A. Phinn We regret to announce that Father Phinn died on January 14, 2022, two days before his 91st birthday. Father Phinn was pastor here at Saint Johns from September 1985 to December 2005. He will Lie in State here at Saint John on Tuesday evening, January 18, 2022 from 5:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. A Concelebrated Mass of Christian Burial will be held in St. John Chrysostom Church, 4750 Washington Street, West Roxbury on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 10 o'clock.

Father Phinn was born on January 16, 1931. He came from a family of two boys and attended the Randall G. Morris Grammar School in West Roxbury and Boston Latin School (Class of 1948). Both Paul and Gilbert became priests of the Archdiocese. He prepared for the priesthood initially at Maryknoll College in New Jersey and New York. He then completed his studies at St. John Seminary. He was ordained on February 2, 1957 at Holy Name Church by the Most Rev. Jeremiah F. Minihan. He offered his first Mass on February 10 at St. Theresa of Avila Church in West Roxbury.

Obituary: Gormley Funeral Home

You may also be interested in this video: Father Phinn at Saint John Chrysostom

Archdiocese Mask Mandate Eliminated: Effective February 28, masks are no longer required when attending Masses throughout the archdiocese including at the collaborative parishes of Saint John Chrysostom and Saint Theresa Avila.

Some parishioners will continue to wear masks, and we completely respect their decision to do so.

Sunday's Mass LiveStreamed: Goto our Facebook Page or our youTube Channel to replay the Masses from weeks preceeding. Be sure to view last year's Christmas Concert (2020) featuring our Cantors, John, Osmani, and Rena accompanied by Alan on the organ, piano, and guitar. Also in our archive is a video of Father John Carroll leading the stations of the cross.
St John's and St Teresa's Parish have formed a collaborative as of September 1, 2020. Please read this announcement from our pastor, Father John Connolly more...

Need Prayers? Each day we pray for those sick or infirmed in the Parish. If you would like us to pray specifically for someone in need, please write the name of the person in the Parish Book of Intercession in the vestibule of the church or call Saint John's Office at 617-323-4410 ext. 10. We now have an email for you to send us your prayer requests. We have a team of people praying and Father John will include your prayer intentions on the altar at our Live Stream Masses. Send your prayer to prayers@stjohnchrysostom02132.org

Important: For privacy reasons please use First Name Only for people you pray for.

Virtual Christmas Concert: Our Christmas 2020 Concert is available on-line.
Virtual Christmas Concert Announcement 12/20 3pm
Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors: If you would like to become a lector, which simply means that you would read during Masses, or become a eucharistic minister, please contact the parish office.
Project Rachel is a confidential Catholic outreach ministry offering hope and healing to women and men hurting from past abortions. Archdiocese of Boston. For further information call 508-651-3100 or help@projectrachelboston.com or visit the website at projectrachelboston.com

Project Rachel is named after the Old Testament figure Rachel, who weeps inconsolably for her children "who are no more" until God came to her, offering hope for her future. (Jeremiah 31:15-17)

Volunteering at Saint John's Saint John's is blessed with all those who volunteer their time to enrich our parish community. It reflects the generosity, the social commitment and the basic Christianity of our parish family. Thank you to all those who have volunteered in the past. If you are interested in volunteering, please call the parish office to learn more about our current opportunities for volunteers.
Celiac Disease For those with celiac disease, we do have low-gluten hosts. When you come up for communion the priest will have the low gluten hosts in a separate container (pix). Take the host out of the container yourself since the priest has touched the hosts that are not gluten free.
Military If you know of someone on active duty or about to be deployed and would like their name displayed in the vestibule of the church, and included in the parish bulletin, please contact the parish bulletin with the name and service. We will remember them in our prayers.
Prayer of Fr. Mychal Judge
Lord, take me where you want me to go,
let me meet who you want me to meet,
tell me what you want me to say,
and keep me out of your way.
Peace Garden in Memory of Father Charlie On June 4, 2017, we dedicated the peace garden in Father Charlie's honor. The garden is located in the back yard if the church. It will always be open to anyone who wants to sit and reflect, have lunch or even take their coffee outside. It is our parish garden for some quiet time.

Our Parish Mission Statement

Saint John Chrysostom Parish is a welcoming, inclusive community of believers in Jesus Christ. We invite all to pray with us. The gifts we bring and the joys we share are influenced by our personal history, religious experiences and orientation, all of who we are. We follow the Gospel message of love through vibrant liturgies which inspire us to act as we come with open hands serving the needs of all peoples.

Welcome to new parishioners!

If you are new in the parish, please stop by and say hello to the celebrant following mass and introduce yourself. Also, visit our office in the parish center or call the parish office (617) 323-4410 EXT. 10 to register with us so we have your name and address. Anyone in our parish who will be moving is also asked to advise us of their new address. Thank you.
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